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8.1 Ash Blonde

Persistent creamy oxidizing paint “GAMMA” is intended for coloring hair in natural colors and trendy shades. Paint provides the most gentle effect on the hair, thanks to an elaborate formula containing natural components: vegetable oils, urea, lanolin that nourish, soften and prevent dryness of the hair coloring process.

During staining paint does not destroy the structure of hair, so hair coloring can be performed as often as necessary.

Fully paints gray hair.

The color fastness so high that the intensity of the hair color is maintained even with frequent washing hair. The paint produces a lot of very delicate creamy consistency, which is no problem applied to the hair, not flowing and does not drip.

Hair during the application does not go awry, and easy to comb.

Number pieces in packaging: 20
Weight: 50 ml
price: 5.00