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Face and Eye cream “Vecher”

Eye Cream and persons with parsley extract and vitamins A and E for dry and sensitive skin, contains 100% natural oils, reduces wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
A highly cream with a combination of an extract of parsley, glucose and vitamins provides a range of necessary actions for this delicate area around the eyes: nourishes and softens the skin, delay skin aging, activating metabolic processes, smoothes fine lines, reduces dark circles under the eyes, has a brightening effect skin and antioxidant effect, improves skin elasticity and firmness.
Highly concentrated herbal extract of parsley – rich in vitamins B, PP, minerals and flavonoids, provides a regenerating and brightening effect on the skin.
Glucose – a monosaccharide, the main product of metabolism, the source of the biosynthesis of many important compounds vital. Actively participates in water-salt and carbohydrate metabolism, providing energy skin cells.
Vitamins A and E – is the so-called “Beauty vitamin”, involved in the metabolic processes of the skin.
Vitamin A – gives the skin a nice color, softens and smoothes it participates in the process of healing and skin repair, ensure the normal activity of skin structures.
Vitamin E – wrinkles, neutralize free radicals, providing antioxidant protection.

Number pieces in packaging:30
Weight: 41 g
price: 3.20