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Face cream “Gerontol”

For those who want to permanently preserve the beauty and freshness of the face.

Suitable for dry skin.

Nourishing Cream with olive oil and orotic acid for dry skin, stimulates protein synthesis and slows the aging process, recommended by leading cosmetologists.
The unique active ingredient cream “Gerantol” – orotic acid.
Orotic acid improves metabolic processes in the skin, normalizes the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, irregularities in the aging of skin, reduces wrinkles, actively counteracting the aging of skin cells. Orotic acid, penetrating the skin, stimulates recovery and job own hyaluronic acid.
Natural active ingredients – olive and vegetable oils, beeswax and lanolin restore the lipid barrier layer of the skin, improve its elasticity and moisture.
Olive oil – moisturizes and softens the skin and prevents its aging, is an excellent antioxidant, protects against the negative environmental impact. Olive oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles, promotes skin cell regeneration, long retains moisture, eliminates irritation and desquamation.
With regular use of the cream the skin becomes smooth and elastic, smooth out fine wrinkles, reduces dryness and increased capacity for retaining moisture of the skin.

Number pieces in packaging: 30
Weight: 40 g
price: 3.20