» » » Shampoo – balm 2 in 1 “Alice”

Shampoo – balm 2 in 1 “Alice”

Soft shampoo-balm “Alice” gently cleanses the hair and scalp, as well as facilitates the daily combing process, making it simple and painless. The special formula has a mild detergent base, a neutral pH level and does not cause tears, therefore it is suitable even for the most delicate princesses. Strawberry extract, wheat proteins, panthenol, oat and coconut milk in combination with conditioning additives nourish the scalp, smooth the hair, giving them softness and natural shine. Now you can not be afraid to experiment and create a wide variety of hairstyles! Shampoo-balm 2 in 1 is recommended for children from 2 years.

Number pieces in packaging: 12
Weight: 350 g
price: 5.80