» » » Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” assets + Oak bark

Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” assets + Oak bark

Clinically tested

It does not contain fluorine

The special combination of active ingredients of toothpaste:

• contributes to the preservation and strengthening of health of the gums
• provides processing ions of calcium, phosphorus for strengthening the enamel and restore mineral balance
• normalizes the pH in the oral cavity
• cleans and freshens the mouth
It contains hydroxyapatite to protect the enamel and reduce its high sensitivity.

High efficiency toothpaste “Parodontol PROF» assets + Oak bark proved in clinical trials when used in patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases in CNIIS and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Number pieces in packaging: 24
Weight: 124 g
price: 4.00