» » » Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Herbs + Whitening

Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Herbs + Whitening

Parodontol ® prof Herbs + whitening active complex:

• natural protection against inflammation;
• strengthening the enamel and protect against the formation of plaque;
• natural white;
• cool fresh breath.
Toothpaste “Parodontol» prof Herbs + whitening is based on natural raw materials – active complex natural, environmentally friendly extracts from medicinal plants.

Gently cleanses the system with the addition of special polishing particles allows gently brush your teeth and protect against caries, it helps to restore the natural whiteness of enamel.

Active complex medical extracts with a maximum of active ingredients provides for prevention of periodontitis and gingivitis.

Number pieces in packaging: 24
Weight: 124 g
price: 4.00