» » » Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Maximum freshness

Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Maximum freshness

Designed specifically for the normalization of oral microflora and protection against the formation of bacteria.

Flax – anti-inflammatory and enveloping effect on the gums

The preparation of silver of a new generation – helps to normalize the microflora of the oral cavity, protects against the formation of bacteria

Active fluoride – prevents the formation of caries, strengthens tooth enamel, provides protection against “sugar acids”

Special cleansing system – gently and effectively cleans the entire oral cavity

Protects against oral bacteria *
Provides fresh breath
Thoroughly cleans the mouth
Helps protect gums, has anti-inflammatory effects.
Interferes with formation of caries
Strengthens the structure of enamel



Number pieces in packaging: 24
Weight: 124 g
price: 4.00