» » » Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Sensetive + gentle whitening

Toothpaste “Parodontol PROF” Sensetive + gentle whitening

Parodontol ® prof Sensitive + gentle whitening with active complex for:

• reduce tooth sensitivity;
• improvement of the gum tissue;
• careful bleaching;
• pleasant fresh breath.
Complex “Vitastom” with physiologically active compounds of vitamin PP, germanium, zinc citrate:

• suppresses inflammation in the periodontal tissues, soothes the gums;
• stimulates the regeneration of gum tissue and prevents the appearance of periodontal disease;
• potassium ions reduce painful sensitivity of the teeth;
• Aloe vera has a strong moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect.
Toothpaste “Parodontol» prof Sensitive + gentle whitening reduces the painful sensitivity of the enamel of the teeth to the touch, hot, cold, sour, sweet, it helps to restore the natural whiteness of teeth with regular use.
Biologically active component – potassium citrate carries blocking of nerve pathways in the open dentine, reducing the pain response to stimuli.

Number pieces in packaging: 24
Weight: 124 g
price: 4.00