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Toothpaste SVOBODA Sensitive

Thanks to the use of a specially selected gentle cleaning system and a soft foaming substance based on natural raw materials, the “SVOBODA” SENSITIVE toothpaste is suitable for delicate care of sensitive teeth.

The biologically active ingredient – strontium chloride – creates a protective barrier that eliminates the effect of irritants and blocks their transmission to the nerve endings of the tooth tissues.

Healing collection of oak bark, white willow bark, calendula and Echinacea drug strengthens and protects gums.

Calcium compound – a source of calcium, necessary for strengthening the enamel weakened.

Vitamins E and A, which are part of the SVOBODA SENSITIVE toothpaste, are known for their antioxidant action.

Number pieces in packaging: 24

Weight: 124 g

price: 2.50